Welcome to Częstochowa!

There was a settlement over the river Warta, on the trails between Malopolska, Silesia and Wielkopolska. This settlement has been promoted to a range of city through the decision of king Casimir The Great. The breakthrough decision of prince Wladyslaw Opolczyk located the monastery of Paulins and entrusted them with the Holy Icon. Six centuries ago, the town was taken into the Mother of God’s care.

Since then, many rulers and peasantry, knighthood and rural people have been going on pilgrimages to Her Throne, the Throne of Queen of Poland. Thanks to them, Czestochowa became known to the whole world.

During the 19th century, Czestochowa was the most developed city in this region of the country. New factories, houses, schools emerged instantly. Many of city skylines were e.g. steeple tower of the protestant church, the dome of orthodox church and moresque ornaments of the synagogue.

Czestochowa was the first city to offer an honorary citizenship to Pope John Paul II. It was also the first one in Mid-East Europe to have been rewarded with Honorary Flag, Honorary Chart, and last but not least, Reward of the Council of Europe.

Czestochowa is a significant academic center. Thousands of youths gain education to become highly-trained professionals. Small and medium businesses develop all the time. Local firms modernize their equipment, being better adjusted to competition on european and world markets. The city constantly builds newest infrastructure, investing more and more in ecology.

We are proud to possess a great cultural makers’ environment and national legacy located in and around of Czestochowa. We are also proud of our compatriots, scattered throughout the world, who have come lately for the 1st World Czestochowa Compatriots Convention.

The city is surrounded with picturesque, rocky hills, divided by the rivers’ valleys, combined into jura landscapes – with the dominating spire of Jasna Gora over it.

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