Museums of Jasna Gora

Jasna Góra Museums

Jasna Góra Museums

Kordeckiego 2, 42-226 Częstochowa

Jasna Góra Museums contain the collections of Pauline Fathers. Presented exhibits are a national heritage, allowing for the journey through the important events in Polish history. The collections are showcased in: 

Treasury comprises of many votive offerings of inestimable value such as ostensors, chalices and precious gems. The oldest offerings for Our Lady of Częstochowa originate from 14th century.

Memorial Chapel of the Nation is located in 17th century bell tower situated between the southern wall of the basilica and north wing of the Holy Communion cloisters. Today it is a mausoleum containing the national relics and souvenirs: urns containing the ashes of the deceased and of those who sacrificed their lives for the homeland. Mausoleum was devoted on May 3, 1989.

The Museum of the Sanctuary's 600th Anniversary exhibition contains, among others, papal votive offerings and presents the monastery's cultural role (e.g. exposition of musical instruments from the 17th to 20th century).

The Knight's Hall - a representative hall of the Monastery, created in renaissance style and characterized by the richness and harmony of its architecture, adorned with a series of 17th century paintings documenting significant events in the history of the Monastery.

Jasna Góra Library, established in the first half of 18th century, currently holds over 14000 old prints dating back further than to 1500. Since 1920, the library hosts conferences of Polish Episcopate and important meetings.

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