Museums of Jasna Gora

The Arsenal

The Arsenal

ul. o. A. Kordeckiego 2, 42-225 Częstochowa

In the former Jasna Góra Arsenal  fortress  (opened in 1680), there is an exhibition which was opened on the Day of the Holy Cross Raising in 2010. The title of the exhibition is: "Arsenal'’ in European art. Painting - Sculpture - Votive offerings. The known and unknown art monuments of the Jasna Góra monastery from 15th – 20th centuries"
The exhibition combines two axis of religious themes:             

  • Crucifixion axis cutting across the exhibition
  • Marian axis along the largest part of the Arsenal.

The founder and guardian of the exhibition, Father Jan Golonka said at the time of its opening:  
"The exhibition is an extension of the votive offering treasury of the Virgin Mary. For many years I had an idea to do something different. I knew many items in the collection of Jasna Góra which were not shown, known but also unknown. They were very important in the field of sculpture, painting, goldsmiths. There are many very valuable works.
All these precious items were in offices, guest rooms in our Monastery and I was tempted to collect  them and show everything in a selected place in a special, historical climate."

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