How to get around our city?

The best way to get around Częstochowa is by public transport – it is quick and inexpensive. Like in T.Love's Muniek Staszczyk's song, you can use buses and trams. At the same time, with each passing year there are more and more new bike lanes, allowing two-wheel lovers to travel around the city.

Tickets are sold in kiosks, shops and ticket vending machines (located in the city/in buses and trams). Single and short-term tickets also available through mobile apps: MoBilet, mPay (, SkyCash (, and (  

Type of ticketPrice

Single tickets - normal lines

Single tickets - suburban lines5,002,50

Short-term tickets: 45-minute

(within the territory of Częstochowa)


Short-term tickets: 60-minute

(within the territory of Częstochowa)


Short-term tickets: 24-hour

(within the territory of Częstochowa)

Weekend Ticket (valid Friday 7 p.m. - Monday 8 a.m.)18,009,00
Weekend Group Ticket (for group up to 5 people. Valid Friday 7 p.m. - Monday 8 a.m.)32,00-

Paper tickets need to be validated in the validation machine on board the bus/tram.


1. Fee for transport of bicycles with the permission of the driver:

  • Normal lines: 3,60

  • Suburban lines: 5,00

2. Transport of luggage, strollers and animals is free of charge.

Legal basis:

Ordinance No. 590.2019 of the Mayor of the City of Częstochowa dated 25.10.2019

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